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The Bakery and Lodgings*

The community had lodgings which were used to provide room and board to visitors from the outside world. There was also a Bakery which baked the bread the community distributed as alms to the poor. The bread ovens can still be seen on the ground floor. The flour was stored in the attic. Flour was conveyed through a wooden chute from the storage attic down to the ovens.

These structures, which date from the 15th century, were continually reworked and extended throughout the 17th and 18th centuries.

Boulangerie Boulangerie (2)

The bakery and the lodgings are two buildings joined together in a single unit. The above photo shows the main part of the bakery with its spiral staircase tower. Slightly below is the extension dating from the 18th century.
The lodgings are just behind, perpendicular to the bakery.

Today, these buildings are working spaces for the residents and are also available for rent during meetings, seminars and communications events which can be held at La Chartreuse.


* Not seen during the visit of La Chartreuse